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April 23rd
11:38 pm

i am going on a DATE next week with the prettiest person and i’m sO excited because this year has been a string of hollow flings thus far and it’s so dull give me idealised romance pls

April 23rd
8:25 pm



walk 3/9/14

lil flowers blog の ☆→ あ

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April 23rd
6:44 pm


can we stop acting like surfing porn is a natural normal healthy part of discovering your sexuality and developing a healthy sex life

if anything will fuck up and harm your concept of sex and sexuality it’s scrolling through pages upon pages of ‘hot blonde slut gets…

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April 23rd
3:38 pm


green and red

April 23rd
3:19 pm


more things from today

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April 23rd
3:18 pm


also i’m incredibly in love with all grandma’s books, she has hundreds of art book, books about plants and marble, beautiful old books and normal books (we share the same taste in books and poetry and we always talk about what we are reading now and what we want to read, i love her sososos much)

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April 23rd
3:17 pm

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April 23rd
2:36 pm
Anonymous: Where did you get those black highwasted black jeans your'e wearing? They look so lovely on you! x

etsy! it’s the best place to find high-waisted jeans, just search for some with the waist measurement you need.

April 23rd
12:01 pm


Spending my Sunday with drinking tea, looking at nature books and watching movies.

April 23rd
12:01 pm



trip to the shop 4 emergency herbs & potato

omg so cute

i look like im sneezing …

April 23rd
9:43 am


Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area in Nokesville, Virginia. Bluebell Festival 2014, April 13th.

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April 23rd
9:37 am


The sound of rain calms me. The smell of rain makes me feel like something (new) is beginning/starting.

April 23rd
9:34 am

April 22nd
9:40 pm


Cowes to Cornwall, National Geographic August 1961

April 22nd
5:18 pm

red from today